Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I'm halfway there!

Today I hit £1,500 which means I'm halfway there! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated. Your support has been incredible and is what keeps me going every day when I'm so tired I'm ready to drop! Please keep telling your friends about the project and may the donations keep coming in!

In addition to the financial donations I've received, I am also pleased to announce that Chambers Pencils in Nottingham have kindly donated a box of 4,000 pencils for me to take to DRC which should be enough for around 40 schools. They will be arriving on Friday.

On top of that, a company in Switzerland called Vestergaard has generously donated all the spare bed nets they have in their Kenya office at the moment which totals 126 bed nets! I'm going to collect these during my stop over in Nairobi before I fly to DRC. These nets will prevent the children from getting bitten by mosquitoes while they are sleeping which will hopefully stop them from catching malaria which can be fatal, especially in young, malnourished children.

Smiles all round! :-)

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