Friday, 14 March 2014

Halfway point of the £1 per day challenge!

I just realised that today is the end of my second week of £1 per day. I can't believe I've managed to do it for 14 whole days! I have lost of bit of weight and I definitely don't feel as healthy or as full of energy as I normally do but I'm managing to survive on just £1 per day and that is the main thing.

This week was definitely a littler easier than last week as I had a few bits left over so was able to buy some biscuits which were a lovely treat at that point in the day when you just needed a taste of something yummy. I also think my body was used to the smaller portions so it wasn't as big a shock as last week. That being said, I have missed chocolate like crazy!

I stuck to the same plan as last week and ate porridge for breakfast, a scone and banana for lunch and had the same meal every night. This week I have been living on sausage, mash and peas every night (see photo below) which has filled me up more than rice, chicken and vegetables - either that or my stomach has shrunk! (I should point out that this is a bowl and not a plate so the portion size is nowhere near as big as it looks in the photo).

At least I managed to afford some protein and greens on my budget. Now compare my dinner with the standard meal at the orphanages in DRC, which is generally boiled potatoes and beans...

You start to realise that even spending as little £1 per day still allows me to have more and healthier food than the average orphan in DRC. It shows how lucky we are, not just to be able to buy enough food but to be able to buy foods that are full of the vitamins that we need to be healthy.

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