Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I've hit £2,000!

With 3 whole weeks still to go until I leave for DRC I am so excited today to announce that with your incredible support I've managed to hit £2,000 on my fundraising page. In fact, with the additional mystery donation that just came in from an anonymous donor the total currently stands at £2,110 - woo hoo! :-) Thanks so much to everyone who has donated. Your support has been amazing.

We have now received donations for the 4 water filters that we wanted to buy and almost half of the 40 children that need to go to school have received sponsors which is great news. Fingers crossed that by the end of the fundraising the other half will have sponsors and any that remain will be sponsored using money raised by the project.

So to update you on where I am with everything else...

The medical items for the 3 main organisations I am visiting have been ordered and paid for and should be arriving soon. The total spend on them was £1,250 which was more than I had originally budgeted but I wanted to supply them with extra items like malaria test kits and equipment such as fetal stethoscopes so I spent a little bit more but I plan to cover that additional expense myself.

School supplies are slowly building up. We've already received the box of 4,000 pencils and the 100 packs of assorted colouring crayons are ready to be collected this week. In addition I have been promised some school exercise books from a large school supplier so am trying to negotiate as many as I can get!

Donations have been coming in of baby and children's clothes as well as toys, teddies, books etc. I have spent the last couple of days sorting through them all and bagging them up based on age so I can give the baby clothes to St Kizito who have 40 babies and give the older children's clothes to one of the other orphanages that have a lot of older children. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated items - it's so lovely to see them all in big piles and think that soon there will be children in DRC wearing them. 

So as you can probably tell, I've already filled the 5 free bags that British Airways are kindly allowing me to take for free but I can take other bags, I just have to pay to take them, so please continue to donate any items you can as I am determined to take as much as I possibly can! 


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