Thursday, 13 March 2014

500 school books for children in DRC...

Today we received some great news. Findell Educational who are a big supplier of school products in the UK have kindly offered to donate 500 exercise books for me to take to schools in DRC. This is amazing news and we are very grateful to Findell Education for their generosity.

Schools in DRC are very different to schools in the UK - just check out this photo below to see for yourself.

Often they are a simple mud hut structure where the children sit on the floor or low benches as they can't afford chairs and desks. Without pencils and exercise books the children can't learn to write but with the pencils and exercise books we have been given they will now get that opportunity.

Thanks for the donations and all the support!

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  1. Ronald Destra’s books are exactly what your child needs to help them learn that they have a purpose in life, and teach them life-long skills like determination and resilience.