Sunday, 17 September 2017

Porridge project for malnourished orphans

We have recently become involved in a project set up by our local friend Dr Musubao to feed high calorie porridge to malnourished orphans at a medical clinic in the town of Butembo.

There are more than 300 orphans in this town that need help but funds are low meaning they aren't always able to source enough porridge and orphans are having to go without.

We have just made a small donation to provide them with enough porridge for the next week or so but we desperately need to raise more money to help keep this project going.

If anyone can spare even just £1 then it could make a massive difference to these orphans. Please visit our website to make a donation.

Thanks x

Monday, 4 September 2017

Congo Orphans Trust is 3 years old!!

It seems like only yesterday that I was in the Congo helping as many orphans as I could and yet today we are celebrating 3 years since I set up Congo Orphans Trust.  

We are still going strong and are doing our best to help as many orphans as we can

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support over the years. If you'd like to help then please visit our website to see how. Donations are always welcome!

Thank you! x

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Conflict in Eastern Congo and a little boy saved...

Recent weeks have sadly seen a huge amount of conflict in eastern DRC, particularly in and around Beni which is a town where I spent a lot of time and also in Kasindi at the border with Uganda which was the place where I slept for 1 night before crossing from Uganda to the Congo.

The conflicts is part of the contined war in DRC between the army and rebel groups. During this time our priority has been the children living in the orphanages and all of our funds have gone to providing food for them so they can remain safe and cared for.

Sadly 1 child is known to have died during these attacks and another girl was kidnapped.

The situation is now reported to be safe in Beni although attacks can happen at any time as rebel groups are still in the area.

On a positive note, we were recently contacted by one of our colleagues in Beni who had found an orphan boy called Jospin who was living in a village where his mother and father had both been killed. He needed urgent medical care as well as food and clothes. With support from our donors we were able to send funds to provide the necessary care for Jospin and also arranged for a water filter to be installed in the village.

This is a photo of him when he was found...

More photos of Jospin to follow...

As always, if anyone would like to make a small donation to help orphans in the Congo then please visit our website



Sunday, 2 April 2017

Food delivery to Beni orphans... and puppies!!

We recently sent a donation to our contacts in Beni so they could buy food to take to the new orphanage in Beni that is providing a home to orphans of the recent massacres.

These children have been left with nothing after losing their parents but amazingly still have love in their hearts as they have recently rescued 2 stray puppies. 

These orphans thank you for your generous donations and ask for your continued support.

Donations to buy food, medical care and school fees for these orphans can be made at

Every little helps xx

Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas in the Congo

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This year we wanted to make it a special day for as many orphans as we could in the Congo so we raised money to help buy presents and food for the children at Beni orphanage.

The children loved their gifts and enjoyed playing football in the sunshine...

After all that playing they sat down for a Christmas day feast...

Thanks to everyone who donated money to make this a Christmas to remember for these orphans. We really appreciate your support! xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Congo Orphans Trust delivers water filters to schools in Beni

Our water filter project is going so well that we have now given water filters to orphanages and medical clinics all over Beni. To ensure that orphans and other children have access to clean drinking water all day long we recently donated water filters to pre schools, primary schools and secondary schools throughout Beni and are continuing to make more filters so we can make sure that every school in Beni has clean safe drinking water for the children that live there.

The first schools to receive water filters were Madrandele pre-school, Mapambazuko primary school and Kanzuli primary school.

Here are some photos of the children at school when the water filters arrived...

Already our next batch of water filters are ready to go...!!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Congo Orphans Trust and helped make this project a reality.

If you would like to make a donation please visit and go to our 'donate' page.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Congo Orphans Trust buys school supplies for orphans in Beni

Thanks to donations from some very generous supporters, Congo Orphans Trust has been able to buy school supplies for many of the orphans in Beni who have been affected by the recent massacres.

School bags, books, pens, pencils, slates and chalk were just some of the items given to the children so they can go to school and continue their education.

At Congo Orphans Trust we really believe that the best way we can help these orphans is to give them an education. If you would like to donate just £3 per month to Congo Orphans Trust then we can pay the school fees for 1 orphan to go to school, changing their life for the better.

Please visit to sign up to our monthly donation scheme.