Friday, 28 February 2014

Welcome to Mission Congo!

It's been a busy few weeks but we're finally ready to go live so I wanted to welcome you all to the blog site of my new project 'Mission Congo'

The Mission...

After quitting my job earlier this year I decided I wanted to do something that would make a difference so I began looking into an idea that I've had for a while. A few weeks later, after a lot of research and planning, not to mention help from some very important people, I have managed to turn that idea into a reality by launching a project called 'Mission Congo'. The sole purpose of this project is to raise support and funding to provide over 4 million orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo with basic provisions such as food, clean water and medical & school supplies.

Despite being rich in terms of mineral wealth, DRC is actually one of the poorest countries in the world and has some of the highest rates of malnutrition and child mortality. Years of conflict between the Congolese Army and different rebel groups have ravaged the country, particularly in the east where DRC borders Uganda and Rwanda. This conflict has claimed more than five million lives making it the planet's deadliest war since World War II. 

In addition to the conflict, crippling poverty, corrupt governments, widespread HIV/AIDS and the world's highest rates of rape has resulted in over 4 million orphans. While the local communities do what they can to provide for these orphans and other vulnerable children, they still remain in desperate need of the most basic provisions such as food, clean water and medical supplies as well as mattresses & blankets, bed nets, clothes & shoes, school supplies and toys.

My Plan...

In just over a months time I will be heading off to Goma in eastern DRC to visit communities that have been most affected by the ongoing conflict and to deliver essential supplies to orphans and other vulnerable children. I will be personally covering the cost for my flights, visas, food and accommodation in DRC as well as the transportation of supplies. I have also put aside £1,000 as a personal contribution to purchase basic food supplies for the orphanages that I am visiting.

I'm busy collecting as many supplies as I can to take with me to DRC and am in contact with the UKs largest manufacturers of school supplies, medical supplies and bed nets to ask them to donate as much as they can. I'm also asking friends and family to donate old children's clothes, shoes, toys and books which I can take to give to the orphans. When I arrive in DRC I also plan to stock up on local supplies including food, milk powder for babies, mattresses & blankets and water filters.

During my 2 months in DRC I will spend most of my time delivering supplies to orphanages, schools and clinics in 5 main areas: Bunia, Beni, Lubero, Lubutu and Walikale. I will also visit as many orphanages, schools and clinics in other areas as I can, so I can assess what they need in order to continue gathering supplies and funds when I return to the UK.  

Most of the communities I am visiting are within a network covered by a conservation group called UGADEC that protect and conserve the last remaining Eastern Lowland Gorillas that are found in Maiko and Kahuzi-Biega National Parks. By helping the local communities and providing eduction and a future for the children, we are in turn helping conserve these amazing animals. 

I created this blog to raise awareness and support for the 4 million orphans in DRC and so all of you who have generously donated supplies or sponsorship can follow me on my journey and see how your support is helping change the lives of orphans in eastern DRC.

Help support us...

Please check out my fundraising page: You can donate items for me to take to the orphans in DRC, sponsor me to live on just £1 per day to raise money to buy food and medical supplies for them and even sponsor an orphan to go to school for just £25. Please give whatever you can - even a pound can feed a child for a day!

Like my page on facebook: and share with friends to help raise support for the orphans of DRC.

Thanks for visiting!