Saturday, 12 December 2015

We sold our first water filter!

Thanks to my lovely friends Gemma and Adam Flanigan we have received our first donation for a water filter. We have donated it to Mamma Noella's orphanage in Beni and the proceeds are going towards buying food for Rwese orphanage.

Thanks Gemma and Adam!

Here is a photo of some of the children at Mamma Noella's orphanage using it for the first time...

If you would like to buy a water filter or make a donation towards one then please visit


Monday, 7 December 2015

We finally have water filters ready for sale!!

Earlier this year we used funds from donations to Congo Orphans Trust to start a project making water filters. These filters are amazing. A simple concrete casing filled with layers of gravel and sand creates a natural biofilter which cleans the water as it passes through removing almost all water borne diseases including things like cholera (check out the following website for more information: The clean water is then stored in a plastic resevoir that children can use to fill their cups with clean, safe drinking water whenever they want a drink.

Our funds paid for the building of a water filter mold and also purchased all the equipment and supplies needed to make the filters. In total we were able to make 50 filters. These filters are now ready for sale and the amazing thing is that they aren't expensive to buy. $60 (around £40) will buy a filter that can provide clean, safe drinking water for a whole family or for a small orphanage.

Our plan now is to begin selling these filters to families in the Congo. For every £40 raised, half the funds will go to feeding orphans at Rwese orphanage while the other half goes to paying the staff costs and buying supplies to make more filters. This will ensure that the project will continue, local people have jobs, local families can drink clean water and local orphans will be given food.

Now for the best part...

If anyone in the UK would like to buy a water filter on behalf of their family or their work for £40 or just want to make a small donation to go towards the cost of a filter which they can share with lots of other people then Congo Orphans Trust will give that water filter to an orphanage that desperately needs one but can't afford one. The money for each filter will be split, as above, with half the funds going to feed orphans at Rwese orphanage.

What better gift can you give this Christmas than the gift of clean water and food to orphans in the Congo?

Donations for water filters can be made at

Thank you!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Food glorious food for Rwese orphanage

Thanks to the amazing support and generous donations that Harry received for running the Bristol to Bath marathon, Congo Orphans Trust was able to donate $500 worth of food to Rwese orphanage.

Here are some photos of our team buying beans, rice, oil, cassava, soap and most importantly fresh vegetables in the local markets as well as photos of the children receiving the food and sitting down to a much needed dinner. 

Thanks again to everyone who was able to donate. Without your support it wouldn't be possible to keep Rwese orphanage open and to buy food to feed the orphans who call this place home.

Thank you!