Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More water filters have been delivered to orphanages in the Congo

Thanks to generous donations from Carole Teifel and Sarah & Gordon Burgess-Parker, we have been able to deliver water filters to 2 more orphanages in the Congo.

Children at Mamma Monique's orphanage and Siwako orphanage will now be able to drink clean, safe water which will prevent them from getting sick from water-borne diseases.

You might recognise some of these children from my earlier posts as I visited both orphanages in Beni while I was there.

Here are some photos of the children using their new water filters...

Mamma Monique's orphanage:

Siwako orphanage:

If you would like to donate £40 to buy a water filter for an orphanage or make a small donation towards a water filter, please visit As with all water filter donations, 50% of the money goes towards feeding children at Rwese orphanage while the other 50% goes to making more filters.