Monday, 20 June 2016

Kibumba update: Orphans with cholera are getting better!

I have received an update on the situation in Kibumba from Dr Kambale who has been helping the orphans that are sick with cholera. The good news is that thanks to all of your generous donations and the speed at which we were able to send money to buy medicines, no more children have died and many are well enough to leave the hospital and return home to the orphanage. 6 orphans are still quite poorly and need to stay at the hospital a bit longer but hopefully they will be well enough to return home soon.

The children have sent their wishes of thanks and have asked for photos of the people that helped them which I have sent to Dr Kambale. I have asked him to take photos of the children once they are better and will post them on here as soon as I can.

To everyone who gave money to help save these little ones I thank you with all my heart xx

Friday, 10 June 2016


An outbreak of cholera in Kibumba has left hundreds of children sick and some have already died. We are desperately trying to treat as many children as we can but need donations to cover medicine and hospital treatment. If you can spare any amount to help save a child's life then please go to our website: and click on the donate page. Thank you xx