Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Congo Orphans Trust buys school supplies for orphans in Beni

Thanks to donations from some very generous supporters, Congo Orphans Trust has been able to buy school supplies for many of the orphans in Beni who have been affected by the recent massacres.

School bags, books, pens, pencils, slates and chalk were just some of the items given to the children so they can go to school and continue their education.

At Congo Orphans Trust we really believe that the best way we can help these orphans is to give them an education. If you would like to donate just £3 per month to Congo Orphans Trust then we can pay the school fees for 1 orphan to go to school, changing their life for the better.

Please visit www.congoorphanstrust.org to sign up to our monthly donation scheme.



  1. This is so generous and thoughtful of you Hannah, hope you can help more children who are in need of school supplies. Continue to become a blessing to others. LSG School Supplies

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