Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Boxes galore!

Today I've driven down to Bristol to see a friend on her birthday and also to pick up the digital cameras that were generously donated to Mission Congo by my lovely friends. I also have to have a special injection in my hip tomorrow which, if it works, will mean I'll be pain free for the first time in 2 years during my trip to the Congo which I'm really excited about (and slightly dreading!).

Meanwhile back in Oxford the supplies have been arriving thick and fast. I received the following photo from my mum today with a message asking "How the hell are you going to take all this to DRC?!". It turns out that all the medical supplies and school supplies have arrived in 10, yes that's right TEN boxes! Fingers crossed I can gaffer tape some of the boxes together as I have another 5 upstairs!

To be honest I wasn't quite sure how many boxes I'd end up taking but as someone who has flown alone to the US with 30 cases of film equipment before I figure I should be ok! :-)

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