Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bed nets, jewellery and space-ship style medicine boxes!

After a successful day in Bristol where I not only managed to pick up the digital cameras and print off all the photos of sponsors but also get a magical injection in my hip which has taken away the pain that I've been in for the last 2 years (woo hoo!), I arrived back from Oxford to even more deliveries including;

A stash of 30 bed nets (to keep me going until the main box of 100 arrive in Goma from Nairobi):

A large donation of jewellery for the women in DRC from one of my sister's work colleagues (thanks Christine!):

as well as a selection of items from Amazon including, most importantly, a French pocket dictionary!

I also went through all the boxes of school books and medical supplies that arrived yesterday only to find that one of them resembled something like a strange box-shaped space-ship. Once I'd opened the outer metallic shell, I found an inner lair with another metallic box in the centre which was surrounded by ice packs.

According to the instructions, this internal box needs to remain in the fridge until the morning of my departure when it can be re-packed and surrounded by the ice packs which will keep the medicines cold for 96 hours while I travel to London, fly to Entebbe, drive to the DRC border and then travel to Beni. Fingers crossed we don't get any hold ups on the way!

You know that expression "There is nothing in my freezer but ice and vodka"? Well there is nothing in my fridge but medical supplies! :-)

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