Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Update on Roda and the other children at Mamma Noella's orphanage...

After a week of rest and recovery from the dreaded typhoid that left me feeling so ill when I returned from the Congo, I'm finally better and picking up where I left off with Mission Congo.

First off was to check on the situation with Roda at the clinic in Butembo. The update from the nurse there is great. Roda is doing well and is gaining weight and strength from the special high-calorie porridge that she is fed every morning. They have begun treatments on her legs, which is essentially physiotherapy to stimulate the muscles and get them working and strong enough for her to be able to stand and hopefully one day to walk. We should have some photos to post soon.

As for the remaining children at Mamma Noella's orphanage, they are all doing well thanks to another food delivery of rice, beans, cassava, oil, bananas, vegetables and firewood. Thanks again to those generous people that made a donation to Mission Congo to enable us to support these children while Mamma Noella is at the clinic in Butembo with Roda.

Here is a photo of the children receiving the food delivery last week...

They currently have a problem at the orphanage in that the place where they usually cook has been damaged so they have nowhere to prepare food so we are spending $30 of the project budget to build them a new small cooking hut.

I'm still waiting for updates on the orphans in the other towns & villages and as soon as I have more information I will share it with you all.

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