Monday, 2 June 2014

Double food drops for Mamma Noella & the orphans in Beni...

Another two weeks has past since our last food drop at Mamma Noella's orphanage. This time it was a double drop with food being delivered to the children at the orphanage in Beni to keep them going for another 2 weeks and a separate food drop to Mamma Noella and Roda at the clinic in Butembo to keep them going for the next month while Roda receives more treatment.

Here are the children in Beni with their supplies of rice, beans, cassava, bananas, onions, tomatoes, oil and firewood. Total spend = $100:

Here is Mamma Noella and Roda with their food delivery of rice, beans, soja, cassava, milk, oil, sugar firewood and washing powder. Total spend = $100:

There was also enough money left to buy Roda some new sandals which is great as fingers crossed as her treatment continues she will be able to start walking so will need some shoes:

She is doing well and is gaining weight and continues to receive physiotherapy 3 times a week to try to help her to walk.

Meanwhile, we are busy arranging and paying for the cooking area at the orphanage in Beni to be rebuilt as it is damaged meaning that they are unable to cook on it. We are also making arrangements to support some orphans in Butembo who are in their final year of primary school but cannot afford to pay for the cost of their final examinations. 

More details and photos of these projects will follow...

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