Monday, 16 June 2014

More food for orphans in Beni...

Today we delivered more food to the orphans in Beni. For the last 6 weeks, while Mamma Noella has been living at the clinic in Butembo with little Roda, the remaining 19 orphans at this small orphanage in Beni have had to look after themselves. We have been helping by bringing them food so the older children could still go to school everyday and also look after the little ones.

Basic food items such as rice, beans, cassava and bananas made up most of the delivery along with oil and firewood to use on the new stove we had built a couple of weeks ago. A few onions and tomatoes completed the food drop.

Here are a few photos of the children with the food and also one of our driver Roger who made the food drop. Check out the photo of the little boy wearing the Oxford United T-shirt!

Thanks to everyone for your donations and support!

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