Friday, 6 May 2016

Congo Orphans Trust delivers clean water and food to orphans in the Congo

Thanks to our supporters who make monthly donations to Congo Orphans Trust, we have been able to buy 2 more water filters from our water filter project which means that children at 2 more orphanages in the Congo now have access to clean drinking water and children at Rwese orphanage have received another delivery of food!

The water filters were donated to Paida orphanage and Oicha orphanage in Beni. Here are some photos from Paida orphanage:

Photos from Oicha and Rwese to follow.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support Congo Orphans Trust in helping orphans in the Congo.

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  1. Please check the cutting of the tube. The photos would indicate that it hasn't been cut high enough (it should be only about two centimeters from the nose.

    You can tell by opening the top of the Fitter. When at rest, there should be five centimeters of water on top of the sand. If you see sand directly, it means that there is no biolayer. You will get the effect of sand filtration, but you won't get the "bio" part of the equation. It is easily remedied.

    Please check.

    Davod Albert for Friendly Water for the world

    1. Thanks for your message David. I will talk to Dr. Kambale and ask him to check.

      Many thanks,