Monday, 29 June 2015

Food for Mamma Josephine's orphans and milk for the babies!

My favourite part of running the 'Congo Orphans Trust' project is when I receive an email from one of my colleagues in the Congo who has taken all of your generous donations and done something wonderful with it like buy food for orphans or milk for hungry babies.

Check out these photos of food being delivered to Mamma Josephine's orphans, the receipts which I get sent so I can keep track of spending and a wonderful homemade thank you sign.

The children have been given rice, beans, potatoes, sugar, cassava, soja, oil, and firewood to cook on.

One of the twins is still in hospital but this little one can enjoy a nice bottle of formula.

Milk time!

Receipts showing what they spent the $300 on.

Although it says THANK YOU HANNAH, it should really say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU!!

We still have $1,200 remaining which is going to be used to fund a soap making project at the orphanage that the older children can get involved in so they can begin to support themselves by making and selling soap in the local town and using the profits to buy food for the orphans. More information and photos of that project to follow.

Hannah x

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